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The entire world is focused on relief and reconstruction, but we don’t know yet where their efforts are going. Please donate and help us find out who needs help and they need to rebuild their lives.

Earthquake survivors, please take the survey

कृपया यो सर्भे भर्नुहोस्!


Initial analysis of our offline survey

Code for Nepal conducted a pilot project Rahat Payo to survey 767 quake survivors in 4 districts asking them whether they have been helped and what their immediate and long-term needs are.

Percentage of people who reported reciveing some form of relief
Percentage of people who had to wait at least 8 days to receive any relief
Percentage of people who said they received some form of relief from the government
Percentage of people who said employment was one of their top priorities

Results of online survey

We will update this data every 48 hours. We assume that the respondents of our online survey are earthquake survivors. We will summarize the results every 72 hours. Check out the dataset that is updated live as users take the survey.

Number of people who received help
Number of ppl who had to wait 4+ months
Number of people who received help from the government
Number of people who received no help


Results of online data isn't. In our offline survey from August 24- Sept 8, 2015, we conducted survey using random sampling method in 3 districts. We are analysing and publishing results. Check out on Code for Nepal.
We intend to conduct offline survey once a year. Yes, our data is available in machine readable format. Here's the data from the first (pilot) offline survey. And here's the data from our online survey.
As of now, Code for Nepal funds it. Code for Nepal is supported by general public through their generous donations. We are looking for donors & partners.

About Us

Code for Nepal's Rahat Payo project aims to fill the gap that currently exists in Nepal relief and recovery operation. Code for Nepal is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization registered in the United States of America.
We will survey thousands of survivors in quake affected districts, asking them whether they have been helped and what their immediate and long-term needs are.

Currently, everyone we know is focused on delivering immediate relief. But we do not yet have a larger picture that can show us the gap and the needs of the people. We aim to exactly do that to make the relief operation more efficient.

The survey response will be made public (without any personally identifiable information) for everyone to use so NGOs, INGOs and youth groups can direct their efforts towards where it is most needed.

We also believe that this survey will create hundreds of temporary source of income for youth.

Let's ensure that those who haven’t been helped will be helped and helping shape relief policy that’s geared towards the needs of survivors.

Digital literacy project

More about Code for Nepal

Code for Nepal works to increase digital literacy and use of open data in Nepal.

Code for Nepal is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the United States. Here are some of the projects we are working on.

  • Digital Literacy
  • Mapping
  • Right to Information
Vist Code for Nepal website

Our offline data collection process

Our online survey on this website is open to everyone. We assume that it's people affected by the earthquake who complete the survey but can't gurantee that.
The survey coducted by our volunteers on the ground follow a guideline to ensure our responses are representative of the population in the area we survey.


Gather at the center of the village/town


Proceed to nearest household


Identify household head


Explain the purpose of survey & conduct it


Repeat protocol but alternate male and female heads of household (to the extent possible)


Report data


We are actively looking for partners! Please see below for details.

    Volunteer surveyors

  • Commitment to transparency
  • Willing to travel to villages
  • Has a smartphone
  • Able to volunteer with minimum stipend
  • Email us!


  • Use data to report
  • Promote online survey
  • Analyze, visualize data
  • Email us

    Tech/data companies/geeks

  • Integrate to SMS
  • Improve our survey methodology
  • Committed to transaprency
  • Email us!

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    Code for Nepal
    Arlington, VA, 22203
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